k Experience timeless elegance of a bygone era WILLIAM MASON HOUSE


    It’s coming along!

    Michelle Allard


    Kelly Streubel

    Meghan MacAdams it’s gonna be nice.

    Kim Lewin

    Kim looks like it says bed and breakfast? I wonder if that’s the plan.

    Meghan MacAdams

    Meghan MacAdams this is so cool. I want a tour. I’d love to see it now then get to go back when it’s done. Oh and the garage is awesome too.

    Kim Lewin

    Meghan MacAdams love it. Thanks so much for sharing

    Kim Lewin

    Kimberly Ann looook. Kim Lewin didn’t you always like that house?

    Meghan MacAdams

    They are busy over there cutting back brush and trees

    Christine Tanson

    Good things happening. I adore a great antique restoration of anything woodwork related. Done a TON of it myself.

    Adamo Agnello

    This has always been my favorite house on the Hill. I swore if I won the lottery I would purchase it!! I never won the lottery lol

    Connie Barrows Bellanceau

    I am beyond ecstatic to learn of this home being bought with the intention of being restored!!!!! I’m in Illinois and have only seen pics online and I had simply fallen in love with this home. This makes me very happy and I wish you the best of luck and I hope you enjoy the process! Thank you for saving this gothic dream!! I hope you don’t mind that I can vicariously live through you! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Kelly Streubel

    Amazing! I love driving by and seeing the progress. So happy the house is getting a breath of life again.

    Tabitha Ferrari

    You have impeccable taste.I'm sure whatever color you choose will be great my friend.

    Phillip Houle

    Love it , thank you For time fix it up

    Lori Hemphill

    I am thrilled that this beautiful property is being restored, and excited to see the work that is being done. I am sure it is going to be amazing. Thanks for all the hard work and investment from all those involved.

    Tom Huizenga

    You and the crew are not wasting any time! Love everything about this project. It is 100% in my wheelhouse. I adore woodworking restoration and can practically do it in my sleep. Where do I sign up?

    Adamo Agnello

    Words cannot express how tickled I am that restoration is in progress. I simply cannot wait to see the finished work. Wishing you all so much fun and joy as you persevere through this journey. ❤

    Kelly Streubel

    This is all so amazing.

    Kimmy Nedzweckas

    Thank you for saving this old girl!

    Deborah Beacham

    I have been working from home since mid-April and I would drive by every day...I just went by for the first time since on Saturday...what a transformation...beautiful!!!

    Nancy Dumas Provost

    Absolutely beautiful!

    Robyn Leduc

    As a historic preservationist and former Thompson resident, I thank you for returning this beautiful home to its former glory!

    Robbi Correa

    Just magnificent !!!

    MaryAnn Paglione

    Luxury Country Hotel, Spa and Wedding Venue

    Opening 2022


    William Mason House



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